I’m Sheena Bandy: Paranormal Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Romance writer. I’m an obsessive fangirl, internet enthusiast, and strangely qualified to write on the topics of Technology, Failed Relationships, and the Paranormal.


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Covert Geekery

Recently, my office changed the dress code to limit graphic tees throughout the week. This isn’t a bad thing, of course; we’re a professional office with clients who pop in all the time, so we need to look professional. Pretty important stuff. But how am I supposed to profess my love of Sailor Moon without […]



Book Marketing and Artificial Popularity

I try not to do this and I know I do it more than I should, but I’m gonna talk about books I haven’t read. That’s right, it’s Shade time. Have you ever picked up a book that was super popular and tried to read it and found out that it was just awful? I’m […]



Memoirs and Life

I read this Memoir, The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer, not too long ago. I loved it and I found myself emotionally attached to many of the people she’d written about. Well, one of those people had Cancer. Even in the book, she talked about the treatments and the worry. I even knew from […]

Everything is a Reference to Something